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3M Wafer Support System at Semicon West 2009

Arden Hills, MN – Syagrus Systems is pleased to announce that the 3M™ Wafer Support System (WSS) will be featured at Suss MicroTec’s Thin Wafer Processing for 3D TSV Applications Workshop during Semicon West 2009.

Syagrus Systems, a backend wafer processing services company and provider of 3M™ WSS wafer bonding and de-bonding services, has successfully used the 3M™ Wafer Support System to provide customers with finished, diced wafers as thin as 25µ m. The free workshop will focus on the methods of bonding, bonding adhesives and the different challenges that face these processes such as processing temperatures and adhesive de- bonding strength. A variety of industry leading companies will address these challenges at this informative workshop. More information and registration for the free workshop can be found at the following link:

Wednesday, July 15 2009, 2:00pm – 5:00pm. Reception to follow

St Regis Hotel
Gallery II Seminar Room
125 3rd St San Francisco, CA 94103

About 3M™ Wafer Support System: The wafer support system replaces traditional backgrind tapes with a glass/adhesive sandwich that provides increased support during the crucial grinding step. As a result, manufacturers can create a much thinner wafer, with thicknesses down to 25 microns possible. And because the glass and adhesive construct can withstand high temperatures, it also allows the manufacturer to perform additional backside processing steps, if necessary.

About Syagrus Systems: Syagrus Systems, based in Arden Hills, Minnesota, is a leading manufacturing service provider to the worldwide semiconductor industry. The services offered by the company include SMD tape and reel, silicon wafer backgrinding, post backgrind CMP, silicon wafer dicing, automated wafer inspection, and die sorting. Contact Syagrus Systems for additional information.