Die Pick and Place Equipment

Die Pick and Place Equipment

Die sorting equipment, also known as pick and place, allows for the separation of bare die, or "chips" of a diced wafer into specific categories based upon testing or inspection of predetermined criteria.

Syagrus Systems manufactures wafer die sorting machines for use in your application. Each of our machines runs on updated software and has high output capabilities. We understand what you need in wafer die sorting equipment because we process diced wafers and dies on the machines we manufacture.

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DTS-1 Die Sorter Equipment

The DTS-1 wafer sorting machine is ideal for applications producing low- and medium-volumes. It features high accuracy and high flexibility on input and output. This machine is compact and saves space with a footprint of only 1.2x0.97m. The DTS-1 creates highly repeatable and exact results for sorting dies.

Optional Specifications

The DTS-1 has many optional features that can replace or be used in addition to the standard configurations. These options such as various die size ranges, inspections, die inversion, wafer binning and placement mapping, effective illumination areas, and others—are available depending on your application’s specifications.

DTS-1 Machine


DTS-2 Wafer Sorting Machine

The DTS-2 is a precise and high-speed die sorting machine suited for high-volume wafer sorting applications. Running on a Windows 10 OS, the DTS-2 supports all wafer map formats and SECS/GEM. This equipment achieves accurate die placement and has the vision inspection capabilities to detect chipping, cracks, bumps, defects, and other flaws.

Optional Specifications

Many optional configurations are available to meet the needs of your planned wafer sorting project, such as integrated high-speed vision inspection, upgraded camera resolutions, and much more.

DTS-2 Machine

Die Sorter System Service and Spare Parts

Purchasing a new die sorter system for your wafer pick and place operation is a significant investment. You need dependable machinery that will perform as expected for years to come. Syagrus Systems is here to help. We provide high-quality die sorting equipment and offer spare parts, system support services, and routine maintenance capabilities. We ensure that your die sorting equipment stays up and running, no matter the age or condition of your system.

We also offer other services, including prototyping, SOLIDWORKS, build to print, and wire harness/cable manufacturing.

die pick and place equipment parts

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