Backend Wafer Processing Services

Syagrus Systems

Syagrus Systems provides leading edge semiconductor wafer dicing, grinding, polishing, inspection and pick and place packaging services to the electronics industry...worldwide.

Syagrus Systems is a leading service provider specializing in post-fab processes for semiconductor and electronic component manufacturers worldwide. We have become a leader in semiconductor and silicon wafer back end processing by listening to our customers' needs, working with them to create the solution and then exceeding their expectations. Whether your project involves a simple application or advanced chips for state-of-the-art devices and applications, we can help. 

We are at the forefront of wafer dicing, backgrinding, and inspection and have the expertise to process semiconductor and silicon wafers to your unique specifications. Our goal is to achieve creative solutions where problems exist and deliver quick cycle times without sacrificing quality. Let Syagrus Systems be part of your engineering team helping you bring your products to market faster and gain a competitive edge. Our focus is to help you transition your product from wafer form to usable die form quickly, meeting your critical deadline.

  • Ultra-thin wafer and die processing
  • Multi-die or "Pizza Mask" Wafers
  • Bumped Wafers
  • Serialization
  • Low Volume Engineering Runs

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Syagrus Systems provides a variety of silicon wafer processing services to meet your needs. All services are designed to be "consistently flexible," in that we can easily modify our processes and react quickly to your needs while documenting each step for consistency and repeatability. Our customer base is extremely diverse and represents all segments of the semiconductor industry including telecommunications, military, and aerospace, medical and commercial. We proudly work with some of the industry's largest companies as well as the smallest innovative start-up and fabless semiconductor companies.

Silicon Wafer Services from Syagrus

3M Wafer Support System / Temporary Wafer Bonding

This specialized process involves using a special UV-curable adhesive to temporarily bond silicon wafers to glass. This process minimizes stress and protects ultrathin wafers from damage during thinning and post-thinning applications.  

Automated Wafer Backgrinding

We have over 20 years of silicon wafer backgrinding experience and use fully automated Disco and Strasbaugh equipment to achieve a superior level of quality and target thicknesses of less than 0.050mm (0.002”). All backgrinding processes are performed in a class 10K cleanroom.

Automated Wafer Dicing

Our process includes double pass or “step” cutting to ensure high quality and accurate silicon wafer dicing. We can dice semiconductor and silicon wafers as thin as 0.020mm (0.0008”) and up to 300mm (12.0”) in diameter with exceptional precision and perfect repeatability.

Wafer Polishing

Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) is a polishing process that removes the subsurface damage caused by backgrinding. We offer wafer polishing for freestanding thinned wafers and wafers that are still bonded to a carrier.

Automated and Manual Die Visual Inspection

Our automated inspection systems have the capability to inspect full silicon wafers and sawn wafers on dicing frame. These systems can also import customer wafer maps and utilize ink dot recognition. The inspection personnel at Syagrus Systems are trained to MIL Std 883 specifications.

Automated and Manual Die Sort

We offer fully automated silicon wafer die sorting to complement our wafer dicing and inspection processes. Our automated die sort systems have device invert capability to prepare your product for automated manufacturing and we can accommodate projects ranging from single wafer prototype builds to high-volume production. 

We also specialize in high mix, low volume surface mount device (SMD) tape and special reel packaging. Custom carrier tape tooling is available for devices where one does not currently exist. Our SMD special reel services meet or exceed EIA standards and include:

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