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Syagrus Systems’ New Machinery Delivers Superior Productivity and Performance

Syagrus New DF8540Syagrus DFD6362

Syagrus Systems recently purchased two new pieces of machinery—the DFG8540 in-feed surface grinder and the DFD6362 wafer dicer—that provide improved wafer dicing productivity and backgrinding performance.

As leaders in post-fabrication, we perform unparalleled wafer backgrinding and wafer dicing services for many semiconductor industries. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology like the DF8540 surface grinder and the DFD6362 wafer dicer ensures we are always providing the highest quality services and best wafer processing solutions.

DF8540 Fully Automated In-Feed Surface Grinder

The DFG8540 is a fully automatic in-feed surface grinder, improving upon the functionality and performance of the previous DISCO 800 series. With design flexibility and backward-compatibility, our new surface grinder is the grinder of choice for facilities worldwide.

DFD6362 Wafer Dicer

With the DFD6362 wafer dicer, our equipment will see a 7% throughput improvement, increasing processing feed speeds for the X-axis, main handling unit, and dual cut processing. This new wafer dicer will also improve our cleaning capabilities and operation efficiency, with an effective wheel cover structure and improved graphical operation software.

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