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Silicon Wafer Dicing Services

Industrial production lines—including leading semiconductor, military, and medical device manufacturers—require a trusted partner to deliver defect-free die for automated assembly operations. Also called wafer sawing, wafer cutting, and die singulation, precision wafer dicing is critical for the quality of all remaining post-fab processes and end-use performances.

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Improve Production with Precision Die Singulation Services

Wafer dicing is a precision process where semiconductor wafers are cut into small square or rectangular “chips” or “die.” Wafer dicing is measured by the yield and quality of the final dies. As technology continues to evolve and shrink, precision die singulation has never been more important for successful production.

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Precision Wafer Cutting Capabilities

Our fully automated silicon wafer dicing capabilities are designed to meet and exceed your specifications. Utilizing double pass cutting as a standard practice, we provide excellent results with extreme accuracy. High-magnification die visual inspection is used to ensure your wafer is at peak optimization, and we offer complete prototype and production support from our technical staff:

  • All wafer dicing performed in a Class 10K cleanroom environment
  • Same-day cycle time available
  • 0.25” (6.35mm) to 12” (300mm) flexible wafer dicing workspace capable of sawing multi-die reticles
  • High-precision wafer cutting for singulated devices as small as 0.006” (0.2mm) and wafers as thin as 0.0008” (0.02mm)
  • Bumped and non-bumped silicon wafer dicing
  • Surfactant available

How Silicon Wafer Dicing Works

The first step of silicon wafer sawing involves mounting the wafers on dicing tape to secure the wafer to a metal frame. Next, the wafer is cut with a high-speed saw, leaving behind singulated dies. Finally, the dies are inspected, removed from the tape, and framed via pick and place. Various specialty wafer dicing services can be accommodated on our versatile equipment:

  • Multi-die or “pizza-mask” wafers
  • High-volume or low-volume cutting programs
  • Wafer dicing operations on previously singulated multi-die reticles and partial wafers


Syagrus Systems High Precision Wafer Dicing Process

Additional Wafer Processing Services

Syagrus Systems is equipped to offer full-service solutions. In addition to die singulation, and depending on your production and goals, we may recommend:

Considerations for Choosing Wafer Sawing Processes

The specifications and needs of your planned use will influence which silicon wafer dicing services are best for your goals. Considerations for identifying your process include:

  • Material hardness, brittleness, or thermal sensitivity
  • Desired chip size and geometry
  • Precision and accuracy requirements
  • Available budget, production cost, and efficiency needs
  • Other considerations unique to your planned application

Wafer Dicing to Meet Your Industry’s Standards

While our precision silicon wafer dicing services are most often utilized by semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturers, our products and services are prepared to meet the needs of most industries:

  • Military and Aerospace
  • Medical Electronics
  • RFID Communications
  • Telecommunications and Commercial Electronics
  • Scientific Universities and Research Laboratories

Contact Syagrus Systems for Precision Silicon Wafer Dicing & Processing

Syagrus Systems provides world-class post-fab processing for silicon wafers and semiconductor wafers. Each of our high-precision processes is customizable to match your unique needs. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified wafer dicing manufacturer, we are dedicated to continuously improving our services to give you a competitive edge.

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