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Die Sort and Multi Die Binning Services
Die Sort Packaging SMD Tape and Reel, Gel Pak chip tray

Known good die (KGD) are an essential component of the semiconductor manufacturing process for portable electronics. Production demand is high, resulting in the need for high production yields. Despite a manufacturer’s best efforts, not all chips on a wafer are functional. Die on the same wafer can also have differing characteristics.

Die sorting, or pick and place, is a process that helps you achieve higher yields by inspecting electrically good die for visual defects, then separating and sorting the passing die from failing die. die based on their characteristics. Instead of discarding wafers with bad die, pick and place allows you to harvest only known good die and prepare them for future automated manufacturing processes. mismatched die, all the sorted die are grouped and mounted onto new wafers for future use.

Wafer sorting involves the use of manual or automated wafer pick and place equipment to sort, mount, dice, and package die. The packaging options used vary depending on the application needs but typically include waffle pack, Gel-Pak®, or tape and reel.

Chip Tray/waffle pack, Surface Mount, and Gel Pak Services

Die sorting requires incredible precision to accurately place die in correct orientation, in preparation for future manufacturing of the end product. test and divide the die for packaging. You need a company that has the expertise to achieve the highest yield possible while providing a variety of packaging solutions to meet your size and output requirements.

Our trained personnel use automated and manual wafer sorting systems to achieve the best results and complete your project on time. Packaging is performed per customer requirements and offered in a variety of outputs, including:

We also provide vacuum seal dry packaging, customized labeling, barcoding, and drop shipping services.

Syagrus Systems Silicon Wafer Pick and Place Process

Tape and Reel Chip Tray Services

Ultra-Thin and Multi-Die Binning and Pizza Mask Wafer Die Sorting or “pick and place” Services

Syagrus Systems offers fully automated die sorting pick and place services to complement our wafer dicing and inspection processes. Whether you require high volume production or a single wafer prototype build, we have the die sorting solution for you.

We have over 20 years’ experience in processing flip chip devices, and our automated die sort systems have device invert capability, so your product is ready for automated manufacturing. Our die sorting systems can import wafer maps or work with ink dot recognition. We also specialize in Ultra-thin die pick and place. Wafers and die less than 50um in thickness.

Benefits of our wafer pick and place services include:

  • 3" to 8" wafer diameter capability
  • Fast turnaround time to get your product ready for final assembly
  • Pizza Mask and engineering projects
  • Inverting capabilities for bumped devices
  • Large variety of pick tips and needle configurations in stock to handle various customer die sorting requirements
  • Ink dot or wafer map input
  • Embossed SMD tape and reel, Gel Pak®, and chip tray outputs
  • Customized labeling
  • Drop shipping

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Syagrus has the capabilities and the experience in Die Sorting services to meet your unique specifications, quickly and efficiently. We also provide a range of other wafer services, including:

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