DTS-2 Die Sorter

DTS-2 System

Highest Speed & Accuracy

Up to 16,000 DPH throughput at +/-15µm accuracy

Product dependent

Key Features

  • Windows XP or Windows 10 OS
  • Supports all wafer map formats and SECS/GEM


  • Die size from 0.2mm up to 45mm sq.
  • Die thickness as low as 12µm
  • Wafers up to 300mm / 12″
  • Waffle pack, Gel Pack and JEDEC trays
  • Bowl feeder


  • Invert or non invert
  • Wafers up to 300mm / 12″
  • Tape & reel – up to 44mm tapes
  • Waffle pack, Gel Pack and JEDEC trays

Vision Inspection Capability

  • Minimum defect size of 10µm for 12mm Die and even better on smaller Die
  • Top side, top & bottom side or 6 sided vision inspection.
  • Ability to inspect on all 6 sides:Surface defects
  • Chipping and cracks
  • Bump inspection
  • Foreign material detection
  • Dimension measurement
  • Laser marking defects
  • OCR text or QR code recognition & mapping.
  • Ability to quickly switch over between regular top side inspection at full speed and 6 sided inspection.

The DTS-2 Achieves Accurate Die Placement


DTS-2 System Demo Statistics


DTS-2 System Process Control Plot


DTS-2 System Die to Die Spacing

DTS-2 System Die Theta Accuracy Chart

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