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Syagrus Systems is one of the industry’s leading providers of post-fab, backend processing for silicon wafers used in semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing. With extensive experience and state-of-the-art processing equipment, we deliver superior results. Our available services include:

  • 3M Wafer Support System™ (Temporary Wafer Bonding): This innovative system provides temporary support for wafers during thinning operations and post-thinning processes. A UV-curable adhesive along with a precision glass substrate supports the topography of wafer circuit patterns to minimize physical stresses during thinning operations.
  • Wafer Backgrinding: Our wafer thinning and backgrinding processes can achieve wafer target thicknesses of less than 0.050mm (0.002”). We provide custom thinning and backgrind services for silicon wafers in any quantity, with same-day service available.
  • Wafer Dicing: We use double pass cutting to provide high precision wafer dicing of both bumped and non-bumped silicon wafers. Performed in a Class 10K cleanroom environment, we optimize our dicing processes to provide optimal yields.
  • Wafer & Die Visual Inspection: We offer both fully-automated and manual wafer inspection services for full wafers and sawn wafers on dicing frames. We utilize customer wafer maps and/or ink dot recognition, and use image captures to provide immediate feedback, if needed.
  • Die Sorting: Our die sorting capabilities include fully-automated and manual processes, as well as multi die “binning.” Device inverting is available to prepare your project for automated manufacturing. A variety of packaging options and related services are also available.
  • Surface Mount Device Tape & Reel: We specialize in high mix, low volume SMD tape and reel packaging. Our tape and reel service meets EIA standards and can be customized to meet your unique requirements. All reels are 100% inspected prior to shipment.

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